Pregnancy meditation and mindfulness: free app


Visit Mind the Bump for a comprehensive free app to support you and your partner from day 1 of pregnancy all the way through the first 24 months after birth.


With information about mindfulness, child development and mindful parenting, as well as many guided meditations on various themes such as acceptance and connecting with the baby, this is a wonderful resource for all expectant parents.


Mind the Bump

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Free talk: Natural kids’ health

Saturday 24th September 2-4pm

Learn how to look after your kids using natural medicine, kitchen cupboard cures and traditional wisdom.


  • Chinese medicine view of children’s health
  • The importance of digestion, Chinese medicine diet tips
  • Supporting children through immunisations
  • Babies: breast milk and alternatives, colic, reflux, solids, teething
  • Lifestyle tips for kids eg clothing, activities
  • Sleep problems
  • Natural remedies and tips for worms and head lice
  • Supporting a child through illness, especially fever
  • Sharing Chi (energy) with your child
  • Acupressure at home
  • Recovery from antibiotics
  • Cough and asthma: causes and remedies
  • Ear infections and glue ear
  • Eczema




If you’d like to attend this talk (or future talks), please:


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