Conditions treated

How does Chinese Medicine treat illness?

Chinese Medicine looks at each individual as a part of nature.  If there are symptoms, it means there is a problem of communication within the body, or between the body and the environment.

Your body makes billions of changes every single second – it all works because there is precise electrical and chemical information getting to exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

Sometimes, something happens to disturb this flow of information – whether it’s from food, the environment, emotional upset or other body processes. Most of the time the body contains enough correct information to bring the whole system quickly into balance after the disturbance – this is the state of health.

If too many mistakes happen in the flow of information – and the body can’t get back to correct flow – then there are symptoms of illness.

The ancient Chinese called this mass of correct information “Correct Energy” (Zheng Qi) and the mistakes were called “Disease Energy” (Xie Qi).  Our job is to keep the Correct Energy pumped up and “out-performing” the Disease Energy.  This way, when we come across Disease Energy from anywhere, we have enough momentum in our Correct Energy to quickly get back to health.

University-qualified acupuncturists are trained in theories of the Western medicine approach, so we understand what is meant by labels such as “diabetes,” “hypertension” and so on.

However, in Chinese medicine we always take a step back from the label, and we ask “What’s going on here?” “Where is there a build-up and where is there weakness?” “Where is the flow of information not happening properly?”

This is why Chinese medicine has such a broad application to modern health conditions such as: