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Empowering your health: Xinfa Centre Nov 2016

Xinfa Nov 16 calendar

November 2016 was the launch of the Xinfa Centre – an initiative of the Hunyuan Research Institute.

The Xinfa Centre brings valuable health knowledge to youdaily talks which can be accessed as recordings, as well as live chat, forums, social media and other features.

Join together with people from around the world to learn simple, powerful ways to enhance your health and deepen your wellbeing.

Teaching material is drawn from Hunyuan Medicine, the wider field of Chinese medicine, as well as complementary fields such as meditation, martial arts and modern health sciences.


Topics covered in November recordings

Dr Yaron Seidman, D.A.O.M., USA (Hunyuan Research Institute founder)

  • Xinfa Center Introduction
  • Xinfa Meditation
  • Easy¬†Fertility
  • Coffee or Tea? How to choose


Tristin McLaren, USA

  • About Sleep


Teja Jaench, Australia

  • Breathing Basics
  • Drinking water
  • Taiji Principles
  • Sleep


Bastian Holscher, M.D., Germany

  • Western Medicine View on Hunyuan
  • Depression (Part I)


Lois Nethery, Australia

  • Raw Food
  • The Menstrual Cycle
  • Menopause


Andre Suwanda, M.D., Switzerland

  • Catching a Cold


Roni Naiss, Israel

  • View of Life


If you’d like to enrol, please visit the Xinfa Centre – we hope to see you there!


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Join our online health community



The Xinfa Centre is a member-only community where you can listen to daily talks by international Chinese Medicine experts, ask live questions, join in chats and forums and access resources.

The Centre is for you to connect with like-minded learners and learn how to take care of your own health, naturally.

Tips, advice, lessons and fresh viewpoints will give you a deeper understanding of health and life, rooted in the classical Chinese health preservation tradition and completely practical and relevant to modern life.

Topics offered will cover such areas as:

  • Home remedies
  • Breathing techniques
  • Understanding the root of life and health
  • Heart meditation
  • Tai chi and Qi gong exercises
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Self-massage and other at-home therapies
  • Focus on specific health issues such as fertility, depression etc


Every week day, following the 10-minute talk, there will be a chat room open for 50 minutes where you can ask the presenter any health related questions. The talks will be recorded so you can access them at any time.



For less than $1 per day*, this is an amazing resource to support the health of you and your family.

Join us now at http://hunyuaninstitute.com/index.php/xinfa-center




Affiliate declaration: I am a paid member of faculty in the Hunyuan Xinfa Centre

* Based on annual membership, in USD

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My new site: Effortless Fertility

Effortless Fertility logo

I’m very happy to announce my new website and service, Effortless Fertility at EffortlessFertility.com

Because of the way that I work, “receiving fertility treatment” is not burdonsome, painful, intrusive or blaming of either partner. The treatment has no side effects, the “counselling” is all about finding your own peace and wellbeing, and there are no laborious tests or charting required of either partner.

The approaches that I take and my clinical decision-making and guidance are very specific and have come about through my intensive and ongoing study and practice. But for you, it feels effortless – hence the name, Effortless Fertility!

Please visit the new site to listen to the audio recordings, and email me to keep in touch with updates when new recordings, articles and other resources are added.


Effortless Fertility logo

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