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My new site: Effortless Fertility

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I’m very happy to announce my new website and service, Effortless Fertility at

Because of the way that I work, “receiving fertility treatment” is not burdonsome, painful, intrusive or blaming of either partner. The treatment has no side effects, the “counselling” is all about finding your own peace and wellbeing, and there are no laborious tests or charting required of either partner.

The approaches that I take and my clinical decision-making and guidance are very specific and have come about through my intensive and ongoing study and practice. But for you, it feels effortless – hence the name, Effortless Fertility!

Please visit the new site to listen to the audio recordings, and email me to keep in touch with updates when new recordings, articles and other resources are added.


Effortless Fertility logo

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Finding the extraordinary within the ordinary


See article “in-shine” for introduction to Liu Yuan


Dr Seidman, founder of Hunyuan Research Institute, has released the first in a series of translations of Liu Yuan’s teachings on the heart method and heaven nature.

Su Yan (Customary Words) is a teaching for the everyday person. Liu Yuan teaches through examples that are familar to people in their daily lives – relationships with parents, studying, loyalty to leadership, raising well-adjusted children and so on. These are issues that we all encounter and, by finding the proper measure in each situation in our daily life, we discover the path to becoming fully human – engaged, connected, committed and supported by the deeper principle – “heaven nature”.

While loyalty to the monarch may have been relevant to the common person several hundred years ago, nowadays we can apply this same principle to our relationship with any authority figures to help us to tune in to the deeper principle and ask ourselves what is the most beneficial action. Other examples in this book are more timeless in nature – how to maintain the right relationship with our parents, children, siblings and peers so that the “kind heart of heaven nature” flows through and supports our daily activities and nutures those around us, including ourselves.

With commentary by Dr Seidman to help the modern reader make the most of the text, this text is a treasure to read and re-read, to contemplate and discover.

E-book available from Gumroad:

Su Yan

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Online course – The deeper principle of birthing

Hunyuan Birth Series

For mothers – live, online classes


Join Tristin McLaren – Licensed Acupuncturist, Childbirth Educator and Certified Hunyuan Practitioner – for a unique insight into the deeper principles of life, conception, unification/separation and spirit connection, and how this understanding can greatly enhance the birthing experience.


Offered as three two-hour classes or a single six-hour intensive, these classes will bring you into a deeper contemplation of life and birthing, helping you to move and act from a place of inner confidence.


For bookings and enquiries please head to the Bird and Bee site:

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Hunyuan e-books now available



Hunyuan books are now available in e-book format at deep discount for a limited time. Prices shown are in US dollars.


For Chinese medicine practitioners

Translations of rare and pivotal articles and books showing the shaping of modern TCM in the 20th century:
Chinese Medicine Liberation: Inner Documents $49.95 (retail $189.95)


For health practitioners of all modalities

An exploration of “The Heart of Medicine”, the deep practice of working from Centre:
Hunyuan Xinfa: Special Edition $49.95 (retail $170)
Hunyuan Xinfa: Physician Edition $29.95 (retail $120)
Hunyuan Xinfa Ledger $4.95 (retail $24.95)


For everyone, including health practitioners

Going deep to examine the root of life and, therefore, creation of new life:
Hunyuan Fertility: Conception, Babies and Miracles $4.95 (retail $19.95)


Hunyuan e-books


To order your e-book, visit

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Free breastfeeding tips

Here’s some great info to send to any pregnant women you know.

Lactation consultant Pinky McKay has a free tip-sheet relating to the very first breastfeeds – which are usually in hospital.  Getting off to the best start possible will make the breastfeeding relationship between mother and baby a lot smoother.

For those 3 a.m. times when the baby is screaming, you’ve tried everything you know, but your baby still won’t latch on – Pinky has produced an e-book that you can buy, download and read straight away.  It’s the next best thing to having a lactation consultant by your side!

Other sources of help:

  • Midwives at the hospital where your baby was born (or your private homebirth midwife)
  • Baby health nurses at your local baby health centre
  • Lactation consultants – available through the hospital or baby health centre, or you can hire a private lactation consultant
  • Breastfeeding counsellors at the Australian Breastfeeding Association – 24-hour national helpline: 1800 mum2mum (1800 686 2 686)
  • Karitane breastfeeding FAQs:
  • Karitane Careline: 1300 227 464
  • Tresillian breastfeeding tips:
  • Tresillian Parent’s Help Line: (02) 9787 0855 or 1800 637 357 (Freecall outside Sydney)

PLEASE REMEMBER – it is often the case that new parents receive A LOT of information and advice, and some of it seems to be conflicting.  Sometimes you have applied everything you’ve learned and are still struggling until ONE piece of advice seems to be like a key that opens the treasure chest – everything suddenly falls into place.  So keep asking, keep trying and use what works for YOU and YOUR BABY.

Low milk supply and mastitis

Do you think you may have low milk supply?  If so, the time to act is NOW!  Chinese medicine treatment – acupuncture and herbs – are very effective for increasing milk supply.  When used in conjunction with tips from your health professional, Chinese medicine treatment can help you continue on your breastfeeding journey and provide your baby with the best food possible.

Mastitis usually starts with flu-like symptoms and painful breasts that may have hot patches.  You need to seek immediate treatment.  If you would like natural treatment, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture are usually very effective.  Please also consult a Western medicine practitioner, and follow their advice if stronger treatment is advocated (eg antibiotics).

This post is brought to you by Lois Nethery, acupuncturist and Chinese medicine herbalist at Ocean Acupuncture in Curl Curl on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Ocean Acupuncture is a natural medicine centre of independent health practitioners. The views expressed in this blog are the author’s only and do not necessarily reflect the views of the other Ocean Acupuncture practitioners.
The information presented in this blog, and on the Ocean Acupuncture website, is for interest and educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for health or medical information or advice. For health or medical advice, please consult your health professional.

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