Post-natal recovery

Chinese medicine considers the post-partum period as one of the most vulnerable times in a woman’s life, due to the extreme effects of labour and the rapid hormonal changes after birth.

It is also a busy time – for new mums, it is a period of intense learning as they adjust to life with a newborn. Women who already have older children need to juggle child care with baby care.

With these demands on your resources, it is vital that you let your body recover well.

Chinese medicine has a long history of caring for mothers and babies.

The first month is the most important – called the Golden Month. Women traditionally take cleansing and nourishing foods and remedies after the birth to quickly rebuild and repair. Treatments that warm the body, such as moxibustion at home, or herbal steam baths, are also commonly applied. Women generally have family support to ensure they get plenty of rest, nourishing food and relaxed time with the new baby.

It is possible for modern Western women to create these conditions around them during the first month after birth. This gives you the best foundation for post-natal health and helps to avoid problems in the future that can arise during this vulnerable time.


The Golden Month

The Chinese really emphasised the importance of nourishment, warmth and rest during the critical first month after birth. The benefits to you include better energy, quicker recovery, enhanced bonding with your baby and better breast-feeding.

Some women are lucky to have friends and family close by who can help with cooking, cleaning and caring for siblings while mother and baby rest. If you are away from such support, you can simulate this environment for example:

  • stock your freezer with nourishing soups and casseroles during your third trimester
  • enlist a food delivery service – cooked meals, groceries, fruit and veg etc
  • enlist a laundry and/or ironing service
  • hire a cleaner if mess is a big stress for you – write down instructions about what, when and how you want things cleaned so you can relax
  • organise play dates for your older children and offer to return the favour when your baby is a little older
  • buy a nappy service for a month or two if you are using cloth nappies
  • anything else you can outsource that will help you to rest and recover


If you can take time throughout your pregnancy to de-clutter and create simple routines for on-going house keeping, this can help you transition to the demands of life with a newborn.


Post-natal issues and recovery

See our articles on the Ocean Acupuncture blog about postpartum self-care for knowledge and inspiration about the Golden Month, breastfeeding and other issues.

For further information

Chinese medicine views the whole person, and aims to recover balance and wellbeing through an integrated framework of treatment and advice.

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