Pregnancy & birthing

Acupuncture is such a gift to pregnant women!

It’s a safe, drug-free, effective treatment for a range of problems in pregnancy, including turning breech and posterior babies.

Acupuncture is also a fantastic way to keep your energy and emotions on an even keel, with pregnancy wellness treatments.

Pre-birth acupuncture prepares your body for labour and beyond.  Research suggests it can shorten the average labour by two hours, and decrease the rate of medical interventions.

For a fantastic before-and-after-birth care program, please see the Pre-Birth Acupuncture Treatment Package

Enrol yourself and your birth support partner for a 30-minute Acupressure Training session to learn how you can halve the pain of contractions and be an active part in promoting efficient, successful labour.

Acupuncture Induction is for those who’ve missed out on Pre-Birth Acupuncture, where you’re now past your due date and hoping to avoid a medical induction.

Follow up after the birth with nourishing recovery treatments.

We can address many post-natal problems with acupuncture and/or herbal medicine – safe for use during breast-feeding.

And finally, please bring your beautiful little bundle of loveliness into the clinic for a Newborn Wellness Check.  We can do some gentle no-needle treatment to help your baby recover from the birth process and ensure a free flow of energy to promote health and development.


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