Qi Gong (“Chee Goong”) uses the energy of the universe – Qi – coupled with the positive intentions of the therapist, to create healing in your body.  It is a very ancient form of “internal martial arts” developed by the Taoists in China. The therapist trains themselves using physical exercises and healing meditations so that they can have a beneficial effect for you.

Many people are familiar with Reiki (“Ray Kee”), a Japanese energy medicine technique.  I have also trained in Reiki, and while it probably feels quite similar when you receive the treatment, the difference is that the therapist is quite active when treating with Qi Gong, but more passive when treating with Reiki.

If you become interested in Reiki and Qi Gong and would like to learn how to do them for your own health and wellbeing, then you will see that they are quite different. Either way, it is an extremely valuable gift that you can give yourself, to learn energy medicine to keep yourself full of vitality and develop more joy, tranquility and other positive states of mind.

However, if you just enjoy the treatments when you come to the clinic then that’s fine too!