Fees, Packages & Rebates

Private health insurance

You can claim all acupuncture services if you have the appropriate level of cover.  Chinese herbal consultations (without acupuncture) are covered by most funds.


Treatment packages

Treatment packages are an excellent way to save money on your regular treatments, and to reserve convenient appointments in advance.

  • Save $150 with a prepaid 10-pack ($130 per session) – valid 6 months
  • Save $60 with a prepaid 6-pack ($135 per session) – valid 3 months
  • Save $15 with a prepaid 3-pack ($140 per session) – valid 2 months


Terms and conditions:

  • Normal cancellation policy applies (see below)
  • If you don’t complete the pack and would like a refund for the remaining sessions, then the sessions used are calculated at the single-session rate, and the difference is refunded to you
  • A receipt for each session is issued by email the day after your appointment. You can send this to your health fund to claim your rebate.


Single sessions

The initial consultation and acupuncture treatment is $210 and follow-up single acupuncture sessions are $145 (50-60 mins). Herbal consultation as a new patient is $210, as a current acupuncture patient is $145 (45 mins video Telehealth), and herbal consultation follow-ups are $35 (by email). Herbs are charged separately.


Herbal medicine

Raw herbs are the most frequently-prescribed form of herbal medicine – usually decocted at home into a medicinal tea. The cost is usually around $10-20 per day, depending on dosage. Other forms of herbal medicine may include water-soluble granules, capsules, liquids, syrups, pills, powders, sports gels and linaments, plasters, creams and ointments.


Children’s acupuncture and herbal consultations

The initial consultation can be shortened or split between two sessions, depending on the attention span of your child.  I often ask parents to bring a written history of relevant problems and concerns so this can mean less talking while your child is in the room.

Initial consultation and treatment: $210; Follow up acupuncture: $145. Time can vary from 15-50 mins, depending on the age and needs of your child. Children respond quite quickly to acupuncture treatment and usually need less time than adults.

Herbal medicines are usually dispensed as raw herbs. Other forms of medicine include ready-made pills, water-soluble granules, syrups, creams and ointments.  As I source these from various suppliers, they are charged according to the product.


Cancellation policy

You must provide at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or re-schedule your appointment, otherwise a cancellation fee of 100% applies. I contribute these fees to the “Giving Tree”, which allows me to offer reduced-fee treatments to pensioners and others on low incomes.


The “Giving Tree”

This program allows those on low incomes to access my services that would otherwise be out of their financial reach. The program is applied on an individual basis and tailored to suit each specific situation. Please contact me if you are on a pension or other low-income arrangement to find out more. I can accommodate only a small number of patients at a time on this program.



My preferred method of payment is through stored credit/debit card. I use a secure credit card service and will never have access to your card details. Your session fee is charged by my admin team at the start of the day of your appointment. A receipt is emailed the day after your appointment. Card payments can be Visa, Mastercard or Amex.