Acupuncture preparation for birth

Pre-birth Acupuncture

Pre-birth Acupuncture is highly recommended for all women in pregnancy. Treatments are weekly from 37 to 40 weeks.

Pre-birth Acupuncture helps towards:

  • preparing your body for labour
  • ripening the cervix
  • alleviating anxiety around the birth
  • giving you energy for labour and recovery
  • dealing with specific complaints, eg back pain, heartburn, swelling, anxiety


Research suggests Pre-birth Acupuncture can:

  • shorten labour time (by 2 hours on average)
  • reduce the need for induction
  • increase the likelihood of normal vaginal delivery
  • decrease requests for epidural
  • decrease emergency Caesarean rate


Four sessions of Pre-birth Acupuncture are included in the Pre-birth Acupuncture Treatment Pack.



Is it worth coming earlier than 37 weeks?

Yes, acupuncture is beneficial at all stages of pregnancy. Many women do choose to come earlier in pregnancy.  They can then address any problems that might come up, such as sleep problems, back ache etc (see Problems in Pregnancy and Pregnancy Wellness).

The Pre-birth Acupuncture treatments are specifically designed for the final weeks prior to delivery.  If you have a particular reason to start the Pre-birth treatments earlier, for example if you are due to be induced before 40 weeks, then you are welcome to start 4 weeks prior to that date (please seek medical advice in such cases).


Is it worth doing if I am having an elective Caesarean section?

Yes.  Acupuncture can help with preparing you for the postpartum period, strengthening your energy and relaxing you.


Acupuncture to induce labour

If you haven’t attended Pre-Birth Acupuncture treatment, you’re now past your due date and you’re looking for an alternative to Western medical induction, then it is worth having sessions of Induction Acupuncture to induce labour naturally.  You should aim for as many sessions as possible within a short period of time – daily or every other day if you can.

I can also show you some Acupressure points to do at home, plus the safe and proper way to do Acupressure on yourself.

If you’re not yet at your due date then please book in for Pre-birth Acupuncture rather than leaving it to the last minute to get Induction Acupuncture “just in case”.  The research suggests that Pre-Birth Acupuncture provides many more benefits that lead to positive outcomes for the mother and baby.

Two sessions of Induction Acupuncture (if needed) are included in the Pre-birth Acupuncture Treatment Pack.


Acupressure for pain relief in labour

Please bring your birth partner along for a 30-minute session to learn how to use acupressure in labour to

  • greatly reduce the pain of contractions
  • stimulate the body at each stage for a more efficient labour
  • gain a wonderful way for birth support people to be “hands-on” and able to help


A printed booklet will be provided.  The Acupressure Training Session is included in the Pre-birth Acupuncture Treatment Pack.



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