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I have a special interest in women’s health and a strong commitment to share the practical wisdom of Chinese medicine so that women and couples can conceive, carry, birth and raise their children with knowledge, confidence and a range of natural tools to support their choices and values.



If you’ve been trying to conceive for a little while, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed at all the information that’s available. Infertility is a growing problem in industrialised countries, affecting about one in six couples, yet the journey can feel deeply personal and isolating.

You may feel overwhelmed by all the medical information, talk of tests and hormones and people sharing their treatment details in forums. Knowledge is empowering, but it can be confusing being inundated with information and not knowing how to process it.

Chinese medicine is a complete framework of health that developed over thousands of years, based on observation of natural cycles and the way that nature and humans are interdependent.

We talk about flow and changes, blockages or weaknesses – and recognising that at the core of good health is a peaceful heart.

Being supported by a Chinese medicine practitioner through your fertility process means putting things into context and addressing symptoms and worries. We assess your menstrual cycle in great detail, as well as looking for clues in other body systems. Targeted treatments aim to restore balance and regulate function where there are symptoms or irregularities. Individualised advice means making meaningful, doable changes to increase your vitality.

One of the most helpful benefits of treatment is the deeply relaxing effect of acupuncture. In your weekly or fortnightly sessions, you have the chance to reframe your worries and celebrate your wins. This check-in is followed by a deep relaxation session, giving you the chance to process your journey and make the most of each moment.



Many couples choose to spend three to six months focusing on their health and optimising their fertility before they begin trying to conceive.

When an egg is released at ovulation, it has been maturing for a few months before its final release. Sperm form and develop over a period of 2-3 months. By taking three to six months to prepare, you can give your natural fertile capacity the best chance.

I can help you with simple dietary suggestions, tailored to your body condition as assessed by Chinese medicine. I can help you with advice on supplements or refer you to a trusted practitioner if your needs are complex. I will assess all your body systems to discover if there are areas of disharmony, weakness or obstruction and create a treatment plan to address your whole-body health. Assessment of your period signs and symptoms is extremely important, as periods can be a marker for fertility as well as overall health. In Chinese medicine, all signs and symptoms, as well as emotions and stress, are woven together to make a complete picture. Treatment is aimed at harmonising all body functions as a unified whole.


Acupuncture and IVF

Many IVF clinics will suggest that their patients receive acupuncture treatment during their IVF cycle. Whereas most people hear about acupuncture for the day of the embryo transfer, I prefer to take time to support you:

  • before your cycle begins
  • to help you with stress and side effects during the medication phase
  • around the day of embryo transfer
  • to bring support and relaxation during the anxious “two week wait”.


If you’re doing a natural (unmedicated) frozen embryo transfer, then treatment is aimed at helping you to be in the best possible position before the transfer takes place. I will assess your period signs and symptoms and suggest ways to bring your cycle into a healthier state where possible. I will also assess all of your body systems, ensuring that everything is working harmoniously together for your optimum health.

Chinese medicine is also a helpful approach for recovery between cycles. If you are taking some time off to recover and recuperate, then you can address symptoms and recover from the stress of IVF with regular treatments to regain your balance.

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