Prebirth Acupuncture Treatment Pack


The Pre-birth Acupuncture Treatment Pack gives you a wonderful before-and-after-birth care plan to see you through labour, birth and post-natal recovery.

The Pack includes:

  • Four Pre-birth Acupuncture sessions
  • Acupressure training session for you and your birth support person
  • Two additional labour-induction acupuncture sessions (if needed)
  • Herbal medicine for cleansing immediately after the birth
  • Herbal medicine for nourishing for the rest of the first month
  • Moxibustion stick for at-home warming treatments
  • One post-natal nourishing acupuncture session
  • Newborn wellness check and optional treatment


The Pack makes a beautiful gift for expectant mums – gift certificates available.

Save over $100 when these sessions and products are purchased together in the Pack. Please contact me for details.


–> Acupuncture during pregnancy

–> Acupuncture to prepare for labour and birth

–> Post-natal recovery