Free talk: Natural kids’ health

Saturday 24th September 2-4pm

Learn how to look after your kids using natural medicine, kitchen cupboard cures and traditional wisdom.


  • Chinese medicine view of children’s health
  • The importance of digestion, Chinese medicine diet tips
  • Supporting children through immunisations
  • Babies: breast milk and alternatives, colic, reflux, solids, teething
  • Lifestyle tips for kids eg clothing, activities
  • Sleep problems
  • Natural remedies and tips for worms and head lice
  • Supporting a child through illness, especially fever
  • Sharing Chi (energy) with your child
  • Acupressure at home
  • Recovery from antibiotics
  • Cough and asthma: causes and remedies
  • Ear infections and glue ear
  • Eczema




If you’d like to attend this talk (or future talks), please: