Sperm health for fertility

Sperm health

Chinese medicine is very helpful for men as part of fertility treatment.

Because up to 50% of infertility cases can involve male factors, it’s very important for both partners to ensure they are receiving the best possible treatment.


What is a good test result?

On the Men’s Health section of the website, I have listed the optimum test results for sperm health.  These are probably higher than what can be considered “normal” on a sperm test. The reason is that the higher results come from a study that examined fathers who had naturally conceived a baby over the past two years.

Some sperm test parameters are checking whether sperm are adequate for IVF or for ICSI (where sperm is injected into the egg) – not for natural fertility. It’s important to check with your doctor which “normal” reference ranges they are using in their tests.

Even if you are planning to do IVF (for example, due to tube problems), it’s still very important to make sure that the sperm that will meet your partner’s egg and create your child are actually healthy.


Chinese medicine for sperm health

Research suggests acupuncture is a helpful, safe and non-invasive treatment for several sperm health issues.

Hunyuan Chinese medicine is an excellent treatment for sperm health. In Hunyuan medicine we understand that both sperm and egg are produced from the very centre of a person’s life – it is how life continues and propagates throughout time, from one generation to the next.

By receiving treatment to invigorate sperm, the man receives treatment to invigorate his life – becoming healthier and stronger overall. In Hunyuan medicine there is no such thing as “unwanted side effects”. The treatment addresses the whole person, and the whole person becomes healthier.


Lifestyle factors for sperm health


Focus on having a variety of fresh, unprocessed fruits and vegetables as the basis of your diet. If you are already eating this way, then try to source organic varieties as much as possible, to reduce exposure to pesticides.

Have only small amounts of animal protein and all animal products should be organic as pesticides can become concentrated as they move through the food chain. If having grains then whole grains are much better than refined white flours and breads. Try to avoid packaged foods and fast food.


Sex and relationship

The fertility journey can easily lead to sex becoming mechanical, or a chore. The hormones of passion and enjoyment are beneficial for sperm health!

Female partners are usually best not to discuss the details of ovulation and their menstrual cycle with their partner – save these conversations to have with friends or health care providers. The male’s role is to appreciate and admire his partner, creating new life through joy and love!


Work, rest and play

Work stress, prolonged exposure to Wifi and other electrical signals, sedentary lifestyle – these factors reduce the way that life connects with the body and therefore reduce sperm vigour.

Although it’s easier said than done in some cases, try to put boundaries around work – make sure you’re exercising every day, doing something you enjoy.

Try to reduce long working days and/or work calls late at night. Turn off your work email (and phone if possible) when at home.

Think long-term about your quality of life – your ability to enjoy your life rather than a certain level of material gain – and balance this against what it means to you to be successful in your work. Look for a variety of definitions of success that don’t rely on over-working to achieve them. For example, success in your relationship, your friendships, your family relations, hobbies, sports, creative pursuits etc.



If you have any questions about how Chinese medicine can help you then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.