Herbal therapy after labour and birth


Chinese Herbal Medicine therapy for post-partum recovery is standard care in China, but it’s not so well known in the West – yet!

Post-partum herbal therapy helps you to recover quickly and bounce back after the birth, feeling replenished and revitalised much sooner.  This gives you crucial support in those important first few weeks with your new baby.

Priorities after the birth of your baby are to fully release the placenta and cleanse the womb, then to strongly build up your reserves of Energy and Blood.



By releasing and cleansing, you are shedding any stagnant or old tissue. Also, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, this is a beautiful opportunity to release excess Heat from your system.  Heat builds up during pregnancy as a result of the massive hormonal changes and increased physiological activity.  When you release this Heat after labour, you clear the way for a smoother post-partum experience, with clearer skin, calmer emotions and better periods when they return.


Toning and nourishment

After a few days of cleansing therapy, next comes toning and nourishment.  You receive the Energy and Blood boosting therapy for about a month after the labour.  You will benefit from longer therapy (eg 2-3 months) if

  • you had low energy or other issues during your pregnancy
  • you had a difficult labour (whatever that means for you)
  • you lost a lot of blood; or
  • you have experienced breast milk supply problems with previous births


When your Energy and Blood are replenished quickly after labour, then you will feel so much better. Your tank will be full, giving you

  • more capacity to meet the challenges of the day
  • better sleep  at night
  • lustrous complexion and hair
  • emotional comfort and equilibrium
  • ample and flowing breast milk supply
  • enhanced immunity against infections
  • stronger recovery to prevent chronic health issues


Herbal therapy to support you after labour

For more information

These therapies are included in the Prebirth Acupuncture Treatment Pack.

Herbal therapy is just one component of Chinese medicine post-partum recovery care.

Please contact me for further information on these therapies.